Field of application

  1. Terms and general conditions hereby (from now on: T&C") apply to every clothing item or accessory (from now on: "products") ordered or purchased on the website (from now on: "website"). This website is to be considered a MG SRL property and it is runned by the same company, settled in Via L. da Vinci, 5/1 35020 Vigorovea, Padova - Italy. The website is usable by everyone living in the countries where the website is activated (from now on: "Customer").


  1. The customer has to carefully read the T&C before making any purchase on this website.
  2. By agreeing to the T&C and the making of a purchase, the customer declares:
    1. that he/she wholy red, understood and accepted the T&C without any reservation;
    2. to be a customer and to be willingly purchasing the products just for personal use, and not to resell them within any kind of commercial activity.
    3. to license MG SRL to stock, elaborate use and transfer the (personal) data which are part of the order to a third part and/or abroad, in order to elaborate the order itself.
  3. MG SRL tries its best in order to mantain the information on the website correct and updated. It is not possible however to offer any guarantee about it. The customer accepts that the products might not fully match the description and the pictures on the website.


  1. The selling agreement between MG SRL and the customer is completed with the sending of an email containing a written shipping confirmation to the address that was indicated by the customer during the checkout.
  2. MG SRL will take into consideration any cancellation request before shipping the products to the customer.
  1. If a product featured in a purchase is out of stock, MG SRL is not obliged to provide that product, it is just its responsibility to inform the customer about the happening; if just a few of the products purchased are available, MG SRL will get in touch with the customer to ask weather if she/he wants to cancel the order or to just receive the available products. In this last situation, the customer will just be charged for the products that he/she will receive.
  2. MG SRL has the right to reduce, at its own free will, the amount of products available for an online selling.


  1. Products prices, expressed in Euro, will be the same on the website and on the bill. MG SRL will try its best in order to keep the prices on the website updated and correct.
  2. Shipping fees can vary depending on the country and will be charged to the customers when the order is shipped, based on current shipping costs that you can check on this website.
  3. The payement will be made by the customer when the shipping is confirmed. The payement can be made by debit card or by other payement methods indicated on this website.


  1. The products delivery will be made at the address that the customer indicated during the checkout.
  2. The orders are usually delivered within a few days from the shipping conformation, but keep in mind that shipping times can vary depending on the destination country. When the delivery is delayed due to causes which are not MG SRL's fault, the customer will be provided with a new delivery date.
  3. MG SRL has the right to refuse, suspend or cancel, at its own free will, the delivery or the fulfilling of any obligation coming from the selling agreement, in the case that the customer is alleaged with fraud, default or breach of obligations concerning MG SRL with previous orders and / or selling agreements.
  4. If the products ordered need to cross a border (depending on the destination country) and the customer decides that he no longer wants to receive the order once it gets stopped ad the border, MG SRL will not refund that order, which will be left at the border.

Right of Withdrawal

  1. The customer can return the products he purchased on without being charged with any penalty and no motivation is needed. The return can be asked within fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery date. If the law of the customer's country allows a longer time, that will be considered the rightful time to ask for a return. 
  2. With the products delivery at MG SRL storehouse, the selling agreement will be over and all of the terms and contitions will end with it, but, if the products returned are damaged, MG SRL has the right not to refund the customer for those products. 
  3. In addition to articles 15-16, the right of withdrawal applies following these conditions:
    1. the customer has to contact MG SRL customer service (calling 0039 049-9704516 or writing to [email protected]) within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery date, in order to get the Return Authorization ("RMA");
    2. after receiving the RMA, the customer will have to send back the products to MG SRL (at the address provided by the customer service), at its own risk and expenses, by carrier or certified shipping, within 5 (five) days from the receiving of the RMA.
    3. If the package doesn't arrive at MG SRL storehouse, the customer will be asked for a shipping proof, which is the certificate signed by the person who collected the package to deliver it to MG SRL. If the customer will not provide such a certificate, MG will not refund the customer;
    4. the returned products won't have to be used, consumed or damaged;
    5. the product's tag will still hang from the product;
    6. the product will be returned in its own original packaging, with its accessories or instrunctions manuals;
  4. As soon as the original conditions of the returned products are confirmed, MG SRL will send a confirmation email to the customer and the refund procedure will start, so that the customer can receive the refund within 14 (fourteen) days, no matter what his/her payement method was. The refund will always be made in favour of the person who made the payement in the first place.
  5. If these contitions are not fulfilled, the customer won't be refunded by MG SRL. The customer will only be in right to ask MG SRL to send back the products he paid for, at its own expenses and risk. If the customer doesn't ask for the products back within thirty (30) days from the last MG SRL communication, MG SRL will have the right to keep the products together with the payement received.

Guarantee and Liability Limitation

  1. MG SRL guarantee is limited to the products' faults - excluding any implicit guarantee concerning quality and eligibility relating to customer's needs - within 90 days from the products delivery.
  2. The guarantee just entitles the customer to be refunded with the amount payed for the faulty products, but the fault must be communicated to MG SRL within 90 days from the day the fault was noticed.
  3. In addition to articles 22-23, the right to be refunded stays under the following conditions, if not, the guarantee will expire:
    1. Before sending the faulty products back to MG SRL, the customer has to get in touch with the customer service - calling 0039 049-9704516 or writing to [email protected] - to get the authorization to go on with the return procedure;
    2. The faulty products will be collected by MG SRL at its own expenses.
  4. Once the product is targeted as faulty, MG SRL will send a return confirmation email to the customer and will start the refund procedure which will meet the price payed for the faulty product. The procedure will end within 14 (fourteen) days, no matter the payement method used by the customer in the first place. The refund will always be made in favour of the person who made the payement in the first place.
  5. Keeping the guarrantee valid, MG SRL excludes any other responsibility (both contractual and extra-contractual) with the customer, in the law limits.
  6. (Italy) The maximum amount of responsibility due to the customer can never be higher than the total amount payed by the customer for the online purchase.

General Provisions

  1. When one on more provisions in this T&C happens to be voidable, illegal or unenforceable, this will not cause the T&C inefficacy. The faulty provision will be substituted with a provision with the same value, matching with the law in force.
  2. These T&C are under European substantive law. Any occouring disputes will be an exclusive matter of jurisdiction of the city of Padua (Italy).